June 02, 2020
president bob mong on campus

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

The University of North Texas at Dallas is proud to be located in southern Dallas and to be home to one of the most diverse student populations in Texas and the United States. Our university represents all of the cultures that make up our community, city, state and nation, and we are committed to creating equality and equity by tearing down the socioeconomic barriers that too often prevent students of color from pursuing a college degree and fulfilling their dreams.

We also are a caring and diverse community. The senseless deaths of countless men and women of color now and over time cause deep hurt, pain and anger in our university community of students, faculty, staff and the many neighborhoods with whom we are deeply involved.

UNT Dallas stands for educational equity at a time when obtaining a degree is too often tied to how much money our parents make. That is not the world we want to live in. Instead, we stand for equal opportunity for all to receive a college education and a pathway to economic mobility regardless of their circumstances.

We are also a hopeful and a determined community committed to bringing about true and lasting cultural change. Our students are courageous, ambitious and determined to live, work and participate in a country free of prejudice and hate. At a time when many find it hard to feel hopeful, we are a community determined to drive change, knowing that our students will be the generation that will create a truly equitable and just society for all.

Our faculty and staff are rooted in our core values of education, enlightenment, equity and opportunity. They share these truths every day with our students and, individually and collectively, are committed to fulfilling our unique mission and bringing about meaningful change in our society.

To all of our students, faculty, staff, community members and partners, we stand with you and for you, and hope that you will continue to join with us in support of this mission. In the days ahead, UNT Dallas will host conversations further exploring how current events are impacting our community and what we can do to create a better and more just society.


Bob Mong