December 04, 2019
urban advantage podcast

The Urban Advantage Podcast has returned from hiatus with new co-host Jeff Caplan, UNT Dallas' Director of Integrated Communications, joining Rainmaker Inc. CEO Greg Campbell, an ardent supporter of UNT Dallas and the economic and social development of our southern Dallas communities. 

Our hosts promise to take this podcast deep into real issues that affect our students and community members. This season's first episode tackles the sticky topic of prejudice within racial and ethnic groups known as COLORISM. We'll hear from our guests, Shaniece Miller, UNT Dallas' Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, and Kourtland Jordan, a UNT Dallas business school alumna and former model, about their experiences growing up on the opposite ends of the skin-tone spectrum. Listen with a friend. Share with a friend. This podcast is all about you.  

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The Urban Advantage Podcast is the official voice of the University of North Texas at Dallas and southern Dallas.

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