February 06, 2020
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Only one college in Texas graduated more than 100 African American men in 2016, and that school was Prairie View A&M, according to the Dallas Morning News. You've heard the claim, although false, that there are more black men in prison than in college. African American women are enrolling in college at a much higher rate than their male counterparts.

Across the nation, the numbers of black males going to college is staggering low. It's true, too, right here at UNT Dallas, a university founded by Texas State Sen. Royce West specifically to recruit the African American population in southern Dallas. Yet, black females outnumber black males on this campus more than 2-to-1 during the 2019-2020 academic year. Black men are the most underrepresented demographic on most college campuses.

Why is this? What can be done about it?

The Urban Advantage Podcast delves into this issue in our new episode now available above on YouTube or below on Soundcloud. Hosts Jeff Caplan and Greg Campbell are joined by UNT Dallas professor of finance, Dr. Ajamu Loving, one of five African American faculty  members in the School of Business; and Luis Franco, director of undergraduate admissions and recruiting.

In an effort to recruit black males to the School of Business, UNT Dallas produced videos in which those School of Business professors, including Loving, told their stories of their educational journeys that led to college, graduate school, careers and teaching. Those videos can be viewed here.

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