November 29, 2018
art contest winners

The winners of the UNTD Arts Celebration were announced Thursday. With 51 entries submitted, the competition was tough and the judging even tougher. Congratulations to all who entered, and to the winners:


1st Prize – Giovanny Jozafath Fraire Esparza, “Tejas, if you leave me”

Undergraduate student in English Language Arts and Reading

2nd Prize – Madiha Ashraf, “Tree”

Graduate student in Mental Health Counseling

Hon. Mention – Lorena Gabriela Correa, “American Freedom”

Undergraduate student in Sociology 


1st Prize – Daisy Flores, “The Bleakness Within”

Undergraduate student in Business 

2nd Prize – Alycia McCardell, untitled

Undergraduate student in Sociology

Hon. Mention – Abrianne Miller, “Confession”

Undergraduate student in Biology

Visual Arts

1st Prize – David Williams, untitled

Undergraduate student in Sociology 

2nd Prize – Alejandro Nava, “Blank Stare”

Undergraduate student in Psychology

Hon. Mention – Michael John Bourque, Jr, “A Drowning”

Graduate student in Mental Health Counseling