March 25, 2019
dr karen shumway at podium

As we enter the final week of Women's History Month, our own Benjamin Bullock interviewed two key members of the UNT Dallas faculty: Dr. Jennifer Baggerly, Professor of Counseling, and Dr. Karen Shumway, dean of the School of Business. Please take the opportunity to view their video profiles and gain insight into how each created their own successful pathway in higher education.

Happy Women's History Month!

When I think of Women's History Month, I think of all the women before me that endured so much. They worked so hard with far less resources and have paved the way."

-- Dr. Baggerly

See her video here.

"The one piece [of advice] I can give to those women who are following in my footsteps would be to always stay focused on who you are and your value system." -- Dr. Shumway