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As The University of North Texas at Dallas’s academic representing body, the mission of the Faculty Senate is to represent faculty interests as the voice of the institution’s commitment to the academic principle of shared governance.

The Faculty Senate represents the faculty members at UNT Dallas that are elected by full-time employed university faculty members.  The Faculty Senate is charged with engaging university administration and stakeholders in fostering a community of cooperation and mutual respect by discussing, evaluating, monitoring, and recommending on a wide array of academic policies and procedures, including those governing faculty evaluation, workload, compensation, academic freedom, and grievances, among others. Recommendations often originate in faculty committees, such as Academic Affairs, Faculty Work-Life, the Library Committee, or with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The Faculty Senate serves as the liaison between faculty and administration providing guidance on matters that directly impact university faculty.  

We welcome questions, suggestions, and/or comments about the Faculty Senate or this website. Please feel free to submit your question or comment to facultysenate@untdallas.edu. You may also submit any comments or suggestions anonymously below.