UNTD College of Law Team Invited to International Moot Court Competition

May 26, 2023

The Nuremberg International Moot Court Competition is one of the most prestigious international competitions of its kind in the world. A UNT Dallas College of Law (UNTD COL) team was recently selected to argue before a mock International Criminal Court in this competition. Of the 183 teams chosen to participate in the competition from across the globe, UNTD COL is among only 33 teams accepted for the Oral Rounds and is the only United States team picked for the 2023 Orals.

The UNTD COL team members are Josh Blann, Melissa Daniels, Sonia Gonzalez, Anna Claire Ham, and Jarrett Mendoza. The team’s coaches, Cynthia Fountaine, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Professor of Law, and Shannon Conway, Assistant Professor of Law, were thrilled when receiving the news this week. “This group did a spectacular job on the written memoranda and we look forward to seeing them shine in the oral arguments phase also," said Fountaine.  

Courtroom 600 in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, Germany is where the Military Tribunals convened to try numerous Nazi war criminals from 1945 to 1949. Now, law students get the chance to develop their advocacy skills in the actual birthplace of international courts, Courtroom 600.  

In late July, the students will argue before three-judge panels, much like U.S. appellate panels. The judges will come from all over the world and will bring different perspectives. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain experience and hone their written and oral advocacy skills and to meet law students, lawyers, and judges from all over the world. The exposure to other legal cultures and perspectives is invaluable, as is competing at an international level.

Teams were selected for the oral rounds based on their scores on the written phase of the competition. It is a highly competitive process in which each of the written memoranda submitted by the competing teams are evaluated by two judges based on several factors, including knowledge and analysis of the facts, understanding of legal issues and the applicable law, legal analysis, quality of arguments, grammar, concise writing style and use of legal terminology. After hundreds of hours of successful research and putting the final touches on two 14-page memoranda of law, the UNTD COL team was awarded a coveted spot in the oral rounds.

During preparation and practice for the tournament, the group is determined to employ the same team spirit that made them successful in the written phase, including meeting and practicing multiple times each week between now and the competition. Their goal is to be persuasive, polished and ready for any question that comes their way during the arguments.  This team has its sights set high and is an exemplary representation of their peers at UNT Dallas College of Law.