$2 Million Donation Will Create First Endowed Position in UNT Dallas History

January 22, 2024

The University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT Dallas) has received a $2 million grant from Communities Foundation of Texas to create the first endowed position in the university’s history. The person appointed to the position will be highly influential in advancing law enforcement training in North Texas and beyond.

“We are most grateful to CFT for this landmark grant that advances CPI's ongoing goal as a premier law enforcement training institute in the nation,” said Bob Mong, UNT Dallas president.

caruth police institute

The generous and timely donation establishes an endowment fund that will support the Executive Director of the Caruth Police Institute (CPI) at UNT Dallas. It includes salary, research and academic advancements, engagement in scholarly activities and other costs. The endowment is meant to sustain the CPI executive director position throughout the university’s future.

"CFT has been proud to be the founding funder in the creation of the Caruth Police Institute. We are equally excited to be the first investor in the creation of what is the first endowed position in police best practices, but also the first endowed position at the University of North Texas at Dallas," stated Wende Burton, Chief Philanthropy Officer. "The Caruth Police Institute at UNT Dallas continues to demonstrate its expansive leadership in police innovation, research and excellence. We hope this investment inspires other schools to follow their example and encourages other funders to get involved."

cpi classroom

With this endowed position, UNT Dallas and CPI aim to:

  • Provide best-practice training in Texas and beyond
  • Promote transparency and accountability in policing
  • Grow its reputation for involving subject-matter experts in policing
  • Foster a generation of law enforcement professionals who are well-versed in best practices that reflect the complexities of modern society
  • Serve as a hub for research and policy development, generating innovative solutions for persistent challenges in policing
  • Work to improve police-community relationships 

CFT and the Caruth family continue to be the largest supporters of CPI at UNT Dallas through major grants over the past 15 years.

dallas police department patch

The Executive Director provides oversight and leadership for the instructional programs and assists UNT Dallas in partnership with the city of Dallas in building a new, state-of-the-art regional law enforcement trianing facility.

UNT Dallas partners with Dallas ISD in growing educational pathways for local high school students interested in public safety careers. And CPI offers increasing research capabilities in the field of 21st-century policing.

UNT Dallas and CPI aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, promoting evidence-based police training strategies. The endowed position will play a pivotal role in curriculum development, ensuring that future officers are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of community engagement, de-escalation techniques, implicit bias and procedural justice. 

dr. monica williams

“The establishment of the first endowed position in police best practices at UNT Dallas has the potential to resonate beyond borders. As a model of innovation and collaboration, we hope the individual in this role can inspire similar initiatives in neighboring cities, in Texas and across America. This ripple effect could even foster a global network of institutions dedicated to shaping the future of policing in a more equitable and just manner,” said Dr. Monica Williams, vice president for University Advancement and president of the UNT Dallas Foundation.

The creation of this position marks a pivotal moment for CPI, UNT Dallas and North Texas. By addressing pressing societal concerns, fostering educational excellence, nurturing community engagement, driving reform, and embracing innovation, this position holds the potential to reshape policing. We believe the impact of this position will be felt for generations to come in the state, nation and beyond.