President Bob Mong Honored by All Star Project of Dallas for Impacting Lives of Youth

November 02, 2023

UNT Dallas President Bob Mong has been recognized by the All Stars Project of Dallas for significantly impacting the lives of local youth.

Mong was honored as an outstanding educational and community leader at the All Stars Project's 10th-anniversary celebration, A Decade of Development, on Oct. 30, 2023, at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. He has served as UNT Dallas President since 2015.

bob mong, royce west

Texas State Sen. Royce West (District 23), who was instrumental in establishing UNT Dallas, was also honored for his similar efforts to uplift youth, especially in southern Dallas, during his 30+ years in office.

The All Stars Project is a local and national thought and action leader that creates out-of-school-time programs that grow and develop young people by exposing them to the broader world and helping them move beyond their daily school and home experiences. It is dedicated to Improving the young lives in poor and underserved communities.

all stars of dallas, bob mong

“The All Stars Project of Dallas is so proud to partner with President Mong and UNT Dallas. President Mong cares about the community, students’ lives, and is a visionary leader who has grown UNT Dallas in Texas. President Mong’s focus on socioeconomic mobility and the workforce empowers students, regardless of their zip code or background. We look forward to continuing to build a partnership with UNT Dallas that, together, will impact the lives of more young people in our community," said All Stars of Dallas Vice President and City Leader Antoine Joyce-Roach.

antoine joyce-roach

Since Joyce-Roach established the Project in 2013, it has delivered dynamic afterschool development programs in partnership with caring adults who help guide young people to be leaders in their communities, at school and in the workforce.

The organization has reached over 33,000 youth and their families from impoverished neighborhoods in Dallas, bringing diverse communities together in development programs where everyone grows. All Stars Project’s impact on youth and the emphasis on development as the key to success has been confirmed in a landmark report by SMU’s Center for Research and Evaluation.

jeanne phillips

During the memorable evening marking ten years of service by the All Stars Project of Dallas, tributes were also paid to the Hon. Jeanne L. Phillips, of Hunt Consolidated, Inc., and the men and women of the company she represents.

The All Stars Project of Dallas and its national association are at the forefront of building communities by bridging racial, economic and social divisions to develop a caring 21st-century America. UNT Dallas looks forward to further collaboration with All Stars as we deliver on our mission to empower students, transform lives and strengthen communities.