University President Bob Mong Announces He Will Retire in July

January 22, 2024

UNT Dallas President Bob Mong has announced he will retire in July, 2024, after nine years leading the university. Here is his message to the campus community:

I wanted to inform the UNT Dallas community that I will be retiring from the presidency at the end of July, a date that marks nine years in this position. It goes without saying, the experience has been an honor and a privilege of the highest order of public service.

bob mong

I just turned 75, a birthday I feel is a significant milestone. I am very fortunate to have experienced two meaningful careers, one in business and journalism, the other as a university president. Since I was 30 years old, I have held hot seat jobs that required heavy lifting in high stakes situations where the outcomes mattered.

Since my first day at UNT Dallas on Aug. 1, 2015, the university’s mission to empower upward economic mobility and be a symbol of hope for communities we serve has inspired me.

In life, there is a time for everything, and this is the right time for me to prepare for a new passage. With that in mind, I have informed Chancellor Michael Williams that I will step out of the presidency at the end of July. I appreciate his partnership during my time here.

UNTD will be in good hands. The leadership team is strong, experienced and capable. They helped our young, 14-year-old institution reach new heights. Our nine-year-old law school also has never been stronger.

bob mong

The university has numerous active initiatives, and I want to assure our internal and external partners that UNTD’s commitment and support will carry forward after I have left. This always has been a team effort.

I thank our local legislative delegation for its strong and consistent support of UNTD during my presidency.

They understand UNTD’s influence plays an important and unique part in the region’s education ecosystem, and its role will only increase in the years to come. It has been a great honor to lead the school through this period of growth and increased relevance. I know the university will continue to expand and prosper under new leadership once the search for my replacement is completed.

In the meantime, I appreciate each of you and look forward to working with you in the months ahead.