The Office of Finance and Administration is responsible for managing the funds and resources that allow the University to educate and prepare students to serve others and lead productive lives.

Under the direction of Dr. Dan Edelman, CPA, the Office of Finance and Administration manages and accounts for funds that keep the University running. This includes finding funds for student tutoring, hiring faculty and staff, paying for the daily upkeep of the facilities, and putting gas in the police cars.

Shepherding limited resources while meeting stakeholder needs is a thankless task. “We try to leverage our scarce resources to ensure we have adequate funds for the right projects,” Edelman explained. “State funds are a resource that must be disbursed judiciously and managed carefully in accordance with the rules of the State of Texas. We try to get the most bang for the buck.”

This fall, enrollment is expected to surge to more than 3,000 students. This exceptional growth requires conscientious fund allocation to make sure assets are available to deliver the quality education students expect. 

Dr. Edelman and his staff are committed to bringing the best resources to bear to create and sustain a learning environment where students can thrive.  Together, Edelman and his team in the Office of Finance and Administration hope to lead by example through their integrity, hard work and overriding concern for the success of the University.