The UNT Dallas Registrar is responsible for coordinating and posting registration schedules, class schedules, academic calendars, and managing the UNT Dallas Course Catalog.

About the Registrar's Office

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday, 8:00am-6:00pm
Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm


University of North Texas at Dallas
Building One (7300)
7300 University Hills Blvd
Dallas, TX  75241
Tel: 972.780.3664
Fax: 972.338.1939
Email General Inquiries, Transcript Requests, Enrollment Verifications:


John Capocci, Registrar
Todd Milam, Assistant Registrar
Lara Huddleston, Assistant Registrar
Katrina Cornish, Academic Scheduling Coordinator
Chastity Hawkins, Degree Audit and Enrollment Coordinator
Chelsea Shumaker, Student Certifying Official
Jorge Lopez, Enrollment Services Assistant
Maritza Flores, Degree Audit Processing Assistant


Course Scheduling & Academic Catalog – Katrina Cornish,
Degree Audit Information – Chastity Hawkins, or Lara Huddleston, 
Graduation & Commencement – Lara Huddleston, 
Readmission Information – Chelsea Shumaker, 
Transfer Credit Processing - Chastity Hawkins, 
Veteran Affairs - Chelsea Shumaker, or Lara Huddleston,